DealerMS was designed specifically for small and mid-sized car lots.

After talking to a number of used car dealers, our programmers were able to build a software that focuses on two main concerns every used car dealership has. 

How DealerMS Can Help Manage Your Business
  • DealerMS is a user friendly system with many intutive & integrative features to help you save time.
  • A cloud based system that you can use from anywhere and not miss a sale again because you were away from your office.
  • Secure data backup & handling for your customer information.
  • One customer, one record, as simple as that.
  • DealerMS helps you process sales quickly.
  • Automated reminder calls to your customers for them not to miss their monthly car payment.
  • DealerMS helps you engage with your customers and build lasting relationships.
  • Unlimited number of users with no extra charge.
  • Manage your inventory quickly & easily.
  • Automatic monthly updates.
  • Dedicated customer service.
How DealerMS Can Help Your Sales
  • DealerMS manages your dealership profile in a central location, then your profile gets submitted to over 100 directories like, Google and Yahoo.
  • With DealerMS you can customize your own digital marketing package to suit what will work for your business needs.
  • Social media tools to keep your business professional, updated and relevant.
  • With the local listings feature you can track your Yelp reviews so you can communicate with your customers and improve brand loyalty.
  • DealerMS guarantees a complete online presence by helping increase traffic to your website and improving search ranking. DealerMS offers more and more ways to find your dealership locally.
  • SEO ranking for a strong online presence.
  • DealerMS allows you to access other DealerMS user’s inventory to increase your sales.
  • Enhances the quality of traffic driven to your website.